Live edge headboard project

I have always loved the look of live edge furniture, especially when it is juxtaposed with the clean lines of a modern style. Here I found a slab at a company called Mississippi Wood Trader ( which reclaims wood from sources throughout the southeast. The hickory that I selected was milled from a tree that fell during the tornado that ravaged through the nearby Cabbagetown neighborhood in the Winter of 2008:

I remember the storm well. The same tornado touched down in downtown Atlanta and left buildings damaged that took years to restore. Also, I have a lot of close friends in Cabbagetown and have always loved the historic district and it meant a lot to me that this piece that I selected had a story, and was going to be put to good use.

Nature did the work of making the wood beautiful. Here is how I finished and hung the piece:


2 thoughts on “Live edge headboard project

    • Hi! Thanks for your inquiry. I used a long metal strip called a French cleat (you can probably find at a specialty hardware store or definitely a woodworking store.) one side is screwed in directly to the slab, the other to the wall. Be sure to use a stud finder when mounting to the wall, especially if you have Sheetrock walls like I do.

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