Hollywood, CA shed build

Shed by Ron and George, Hollywood, CA: “Your plan was so helpful in getting us to think about the right things and do them in the right order. This is 10’ x 8’ with Home Depot lumber. The facade is completely reclaimed. We found the pebbled window in a salvage yard for $30 and the tu-tone luan and door came from a gut job in Hollywood next door to my son’s actor friend. We found a pile of bright blue painted plywood that someone had used as a blue screen studio in the garage, but on the flip side was pristine luan, that makes good siding with enough battens behind it… My son is now using this place as an music and audio post studio, and it’s really allowed him to get stuff done.”

1 thought on “Hollywood, CA shed build

  1. I love the exposed rafters on this build. Ron noted that he felt that 2″ X 6″ boards for the rafters were more suitable, especially while he was climbing on top of them to nail the roof down. I happen to agree, and also believe they are more aesthetic than 2″ x 4″s.

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