I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia, a world traveler, and an art school grad. I am completely self-taught with construction techniques.

Please feel free to contact me with comments or inquiries.


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  1. Your shed project is almost EXACTLY what I had in mind for my own shed. Were you able to put any plans together? Did you ever consider running power to it? I want mine to serve as a woodshop, so power would be a must. Thanks for any help or guidance.

    • Hi Chris – The frame for the windows in the extended section above the wall with the roll up door is 15″ tall x 16′ long. Since I made the frame with 2x4s the windows themselves are 12″ tall. I used 3 window panels which I believe are 61″ long each, with vertical 2x4s in between at 64″on center

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your reply, another question, from the pictures it does not seem like u used felt paper under the metal/plastic roof to protect the osb. How has that worked for you. I ask because I am at that stage and bought a whole roll and rather take it back if it it not needed.
    Thank you again,

    • Hi Chris,

      Actually I know it is not pictured but I did use the felt paper on the roof between the OSB decking and the roofing panels and I recommend it. I also ran caulking down the seams between the panels. Good luck! Share some pictures of your project when you’re done!


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