Other modern shed builds

Since I published DIY Modern Shed Plans, a few of those who purchased them have been kind enough to share some photos and feedback from their own projects. One of my goals for starting this blog was to create a community for DIYers like me to share ideas and inspiration. On this post I will start a gallery of projects that others share, along with comments about the process. If you are reading this and would like to share your project here, please email your photos (and indicate permission to post) to me at: petermayx@gmail.com.

Shed plans are here!


Many visitors to diyatlantamodern.wordpress.com have asked if I have plans for my shed available.  The truth is that when building my modern shed, I just scribbled notes and made calculations – and mistakes – on the fly as I worked. I wish I had plans at the time!

So, I decided to retroactively go back and create the plans from scratch, using my old notes, remeasuring when necessary, and finding a great illustrator to assist with the technical drawings.

DIY Modern Shed Plans is a 25 page full color booklet which contains the complete plans for the modern shed which I built and is pictured on this site. The booklet includes detailed step by step instructions with helpful tips, technical illustrations, a full materials list, and photographs.

With these plans, you will be ready to start your own DIY Modern Shed project with the added benefit of learning from my mistakes. Best of all, I am personally offering my assistance if anyone has specific questions about the design, materials or techniques used in the DIY Modern Shed Plans booklet.

I am now selling the plans exclusively through my Etsy site, which allows for instant download upon purchase.

Purchase Details: 

DIY MODERN SHED PLANS – By Peter May (C) 2021

$15 USD

25 Page Hi-Res, Full Color .PDF booklet – automatic link to download upon purchase

Contact petermayx@gmail.com with any questions.


It feels great to complete your project and make something you are proud of.

Anyone who purchases the plans (including past purchasers) who sends a picture of their completed project to petermayx@gmail.com, will receive a FREE sticker, 5″x 3.33″ which they can proudly display on their car or in their shed. The sticker reads “I BUILT MY SHED” and will be mailed via USPS. Just send a picture of your project, and thoughts, tips or recommendations from your experience, and your complete mailing address, including postal code. Please note that I may publish the picture on my website: diyatlantamodern.com and by sharing the photo, you are giving me permission to publish the photo. I will give you full credit for your photo and for your project. 

The Map Room

In attempt to reclaim a room in my house that was often just used for housing boxes, I decided an update was in order. In homage to my love of travel, flying and DIY, I created a map room. As usual, I turned to the internet for inspiration:


For my room, which I would use as a reading room, and a place to plot adventures, I chose to use a combination of vintage aviation maps (which I found on ebay) and my own beloved collection of National Geographic maps. Here are the results: