Other modern shed builds

Since I published DIY Modern Shed Plans, a few of those who purchased them have been kind enough to share some photos and feedback from their own projects. One of my goals for starting this blog was to create a community for DIYers like me to share ideas and inspiration. On this post I will start a gallery of projects that others share, along with comments about the process. If you are reading this and would like to share your project here, please email your photos (and indicate permission to post) to me at: petermayx@gmail.com.


Live edge headboard project

I have always loved the look of live edge furniture, especially when it is juxtaposed with the clean lines of a modern style. Here I found a slab at a company called Mississippi Wood Trader (http://mswoodtrader.tumblr.com/) which reclaims wood from sources throughout the southeast. The hickory that I selected was milled from a tree that fell during the tornado that ravaged through the nearby Cabbagetown neighborhood in the Winter of 2008: http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/03/15/cabbagetown.sidebar/index.html?eref=rss_latest

I remember the storm well. The same tornado touched down in downtown Atlanta and left buildings damaged that took years to restore. Also, I have a lot of close friends in Cabbagetown and have always loved the historic district and it meant a lot to me that this piece that I selected had a story, and was going to be put to good use.

Nature did the work of making the wood beautiful. Here is how I finished and hung the piece:

The Map Room

In attempt to reclaim a room in my house that was often just used for housing boxes, I decided an update was in order. In homage to my love of travel, flying and DIY, I created a map room. As usual, I turned to the internet for inspiration:


For my room, which I would use as a reading room, and a place to plot adventures, I chose to use a combination of vintage aviation maps (which I found on ebay) and my own beloved collection of National Geographic maps. Here are the results:

DIY Modern Shed project


UPDATE!  Complete Shed plans are now available

I just completed the first phase of my shed project. I found inspiration, techniques and ideas for materials for the project from other DIY posts, so I decided to return the favor by sharing my own creative and construction process here.

I enjoy building things, but do not have much experience. The only other major project I have completed was a deck/screened porch behind my house. I’ll post about that soon.

Here are the sheds and sites that I turned to the most for ideas and inspiration for my design:




I like a modern style and like projects that mix different materials such as wood, concrete and metal.

Here is a gallery of the project, and notes on the construction process.