I used OSB for the sheathing. If I were to do the project again, I may try to secure the sheathing before I raised the wall.

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  1. For the framing of the roof, did you cut birdmouths into the framing to sit flat against the window framing? Or is the board just connected with one of those twisted metal connectors that you sink screws into? I’m hoping to build almost this exact same shed in our yard in Atlanta, and your design is perfect. The combo of cedar and Hardi panels is fantastic. Also, what are the overall dimensions? 12×10?

  2. Hi Alex. I cut birdsmouth notches into the rafters so that they rest flat against the frame, then used those twisty metal fasteners, called “hurricane ties” – one on each side, along with a few nails toenailed in to hold it down. Since we have strong storms and tornadoes at times in Atlanta, it is best to use a few hurricane ties as there is always the chance of an updraft. The footprint of the shed is 10′ X 16′ and I believe the roof pitch is 1.5 : 12, with about 12 inches overhang an all sides. At some point I will climb back up and remeasure so that I can finish the plans! Also, feel free to come and check out the shed sometime since you are in Atlanta. I live in Candler park. Just PM me to set up a time. – Peter

  3. Did your opening for the roller end up being 8′ or under 8′? The plans show 8 feet, but also call for the 2×6’s to be 8′ and they rest on top of the 4×4 posts.

    • HI! For the vertical clearance, the plans actually indicate 6′ for the interior of the jamb – but please let me know a little more about what you are working out and I can try to assist. It may be easier by email – please feel free to email me here: (that way I can add pictures or other details which may be important.)

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