Shed plans are here!

Many visitors to have asked if I have plans for my shed available.  The truth is that when building my modern shed, I just scribbled notes and made calculations – and mistakes – on the fly as I worked. I wish I had plans at the time!

So, I decided to retroactively go back and create the plans from scratch, using my old notes, remeasuring when necessary, and finding a great illustrator to assist with the technical drawings.

DIY Modern Shed Plans is a 25 page full color booklet which contains the complete plans for the modern shed which I built and is pictured on this site. The booklet includes detailed step by step instructions with helpful tips, technical illustrations, a full materials list, and photographs.

Upon purchase, a link to download the plans will be emailed directly from the author, within 24 hours of cleared payment.

With these plans, you will be ready to start your own DIY Modern Shed project with the added benefit of learning from my mistakes. Best of all, I am personally offering my assistance if anyone has specific questions about the design, materials or techniques used on DIY Modern Shed.

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Purchase Details: 

DIY MODERN SHED PLANS – By Peter May (C) 2016-18

$19.99 USD

25 Page Hi-Res, Full Color .PDF booklet – 48MB – link to download

Please be sure to include your email address in the “note to seller” section when completing your purchase. Contact with any questions.

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10 thoughts on “Shed plans are here!

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    • Thanks! Ballpark it was about $4500 total. Mitigating the cost was that I used a salvaged door and salvaged windows. The size (16’X10′) and materials that I chose (like cedar for siding and stainless steel deck screws, etc.) brought the cost back up. I am sure it can be built for cheaper, or more, depending on your personal choices.

  2. From your plans, how hard would it be to not have the sliding door, but to have some more windows on the front? Did you wire for electricity?

    • Hi Paul. The plans include the sliding door, but the three other walls are either solid, include windows or a regular door, so it would be easy to adapt your particular project according to your needs. I did not wire my shed for electricity, yet. I am by no means a professional electrician, although I have done some simple electrical work such as wiring my porch/ deck with electricity. I think it would be a fairly easy addition depending on how close you are to your main electrical box.

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  4. Well Done! I would like to build something like this, 10 x 12 and taller to accommodate a loft. Ex: the front would be 12′ tall and the back 8′ and have french doors in front. Would your plans be able to accommodate that thought process? sorry if this question is redundant…Thanks

    • Hi Ron. Sounds like a cool project! The plans are based on the pictured shed, which is 10′ x 16′ x 8′ tall (on the short side.) It seems like most people who have purchased the plans have altered them in their own way (see the “other shed builds” post on my site for pics.) So in terms of measurements and blueprints my plans may not help specifically with your project- but may help organize the steps and the process and give you an idea about the materials. If you buy them and they aren’t helpful, let me know and I’d be happy to refund you. And good luck with your project!

  5. Could we use a garage door instead. We are remodeling exterior of our home and would like to repurpose our current garage door, Thanks,

    • Sure! The only thing I would look into first would be the amount of overhead/ ceiling (headroom) space that would be needed and whether it could be installed on an inclined ceiling. One of the advantages of the roll up door that I used is that it takes very little headroom, and is mounted on the space immediately above the door, rather than the ceiling.

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