Other modern shed builds

Since I published DIY Modern Shed Plans, a few of those who purchased them have been kind enough to share some photos and feedback from their own projects. One of my goals for starting this blog was to create a community for DIYers like me to share ideas and inspiration. On this post I will start a gallery of projects that others share, along with comments about the process. If you are reading this and would like to share your project here, please email your photos (and indicate permission to post) to me at: petermayx@gmail.com.


4 thoughts on “Other modern shed builds

    • My shed is 10’x16’x8′ tall on the short side (Approx 9′ 2″ on the tall side) – the plans are for a shed build with those dimensions. As you can see on this page, however, people who have purchased the plans have altered the scale to their own needs or creative visions.

    • If you are building a wood Fran, I would personally recommend using floating concrete piers and building a floor, with some space in between the slab and the floor. It is important to have some airflow around the wood (including under) to prevent warping. Otherwise you risk warping and rot at the space where the walls meet the slab, where water can get trapped.

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